Your Drunk Go Home (Jail Records of Spokane 1898-1900)

For this post I had the pleasure of looking at 1 specific jail record. A Jail record describes when, why, a person is arrested and also by what officer arrested them. Around this time Drunkenness was relatively common for citizens of Spokane. My authentic photo copy page had Drunkenness on all 38 arrests. The arrests consist of 36 male and 2 females. The majority of males were laborers. For example, Andrew Peterson, a immigrant from Sweden, was arrested at 3 am because of drunkenness. He was the only laborer who had money ($4.25) on him.

However, there were some middle class workers as well such as engineers and one writer. The writer C. L Keouf at age 28 was arrested for drunkenness at 8:00 pm and was charged, like everybody else 7 dollars for one night or two stay behind bars. Keouf was the only person on this jail record who could read and write. Its interesting to see that he got arrested at 8:00 pm. Totally different from today’s curfew.


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